Aracari, Chestnut-eared Aracari. Pteroglossus castanotis. Amazon Rainforest Bird.

Chestnut-eared Aracari. Scientific name: Pteroglossus castanotis

A raucous yell from a tree close to the lodge, always made me smile. It told me the Aracari was in town.
The Aracari looks like a smaller version of a toucan, with a huge black beak that looks heavy, but which is very light. It’s predominantly black body is relieved with a vibrant, custard yellow, breast, striped with a thick, scarlet band and across its cheeks is a chestnut patch, like a blush. But certainly not a blush of shyness. The Aracari is a charmer. Loud and cheeky, its one of my favourite birds.
The Aracari favours forest close to rivers, so was perfectly at home close to the lodge and made daily visits. It fed on fruit and insects and stole, when it got the chance, the eggs of other birds.



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