Butterflies and Moths/Borboletas e Mariposas.

There are thousands of species of Butterfly and Moth in the Amazon Rainforest.
Here are just three types:
The beautiful swallow tails would come and suck moisture from my skin. Their black legs and tongues, as thin as a strand of cotton, tickled. There is something about the shape of these butterflies with their forked tails, which is immensely pleasing and the colours are astonishing. Scarlet and black, turquoise and black, black with a sharp green edge, gorgeous.
When not on my skin, they would take the moisture from cleaning sponges and soaps left on the harbour side for washing up.
The Owl butterfly preferred the wooden legs of the lodge and could have blended into the wood with their brown and cream colouring, had it not been for the distinctive eyes on each wing, which deterred predators. They are amongst the largest of the forests butterflies.
The small, dead moth, I found on the table. Beautiful even in death.





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