Skinks-Mabuya Bistriata, day long copulation. Lizards mating in Amazon forest.

The Lizards. Mabuya Bistriata Skink.

I noticed early one morning when I had just woken, a pair of golden brown lizards mating on the right hand side of my bedroom, against the far wall.
The male had climbed on to the back of the the female. He held her left, front leg, gently but firmly in his teeth. His back leg held her tail down, so she could not escape and run off.
Later that day, early afternoon, I went to my hammock for a short rest in the intense heat. The lizards had moved along and were now in the centre of the far wall. They were unconcerned by my interest in their copulation and carried on, hardly moving as I watched.
As the sun descended in the late afternoon, turning the sky into a pink and purple vision, I took a peek into my room. The lizards in the fading light, were now at the far left side of the room. The male still lay across the females back and still held her, now limp leg, between his teeth.
An hour or so later when I went to my hammock, the lizards had gone.
I was surprised that their mating had taken a full day. I always thought lizards, as with most animals, were quick to copulate. I would have thought that a whole day spent mating in the forest would be, to say the least, risky.





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