Hummingbird of the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil. Beija-flor…flower kissers.

Hummingbirds. Beija-flor….flower kissers.

Hummingbirds were daily visitors to the lodge, but they kept their distance and were tiny so difficult to film, However they did provide some surprises.
They have long, thin, needle sharp, beaks used to dip into flowers for nectar. However, they can also use these little weapons for defence.
I was walking in the forest with a young man one morning when suddenly a shimmering, green and turquoise object, like a jewelled bullet, shot straight at the young mans head. Again and again it attacked him, drawing blood from his forehead, until clutching his hands to his head he ran back towards the lodge, yelling in fright.
The hummingbird completely ignored me, obviously not seeing me as a threat to her two eggs or chicks, which I assume she was protecting. She was tiny, yet thought nothing of pitting her strength against a hulking six footer. Respect!

Photos of hummingbird, possibly a Green-breasted Mango (Anthracothorax prevostii)
Taken from a distance the second shot shows how difficult it is to see them.







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