Short-tailed Pygmy Tyrant..smallest bird (Passerine)in the world.Scientific name: Myiornis ecaudatus

The Flycatcher.

Every now and again a cloud of tiny, ethereal beings would descend on a bush or tree nearby. I heard them coming, but seeing them was almost impossible.
Within the tree or bush I could see change: a slight movement, a difference in the contour of leaves, a shaded area where sunlight had occurred previously, but the tiny bird that caused the alteration, seemed both solid yet invisible.
I took a photo. On inspection I saw nothing. Nothing, but branches, twigs, leaves. Back in England I put the photo on a large screen and searched it in a systematic way. And there, after some slow and eye hurting scrutiny, I saw it.
A tiny flycatcher. Soft grey and very pale olive yellow, with a round body and an almost fluffy plumage. Both its colour and its size the explanation for its ability to blend and disappear into the foliage.
I believe the little bird was a Short-tailed Pygmy Tyrant, the smallest passerine in the world. Their call is a high pitched, short tweet or trill. They move rapidly through the undergrowth, leaving me with a feeling, a sense, that they were close by and sometimes, rarely, a shape. The shape of a bird no bigger than a large insect, extraordinary.
The first photo is an enlarged area of the original photo. Look for the birdie. I can see at least two of these tiny birds.





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