Deforestation..Brazil Government Survey.

Amazon Deforestation.

The Brazilian Government has just announced a four year long survey of the Amazon Rainforest to provide detailed data of tree species. It will also provide data on the soil and bio diversity in an area and try to assess the effects of climate change ie drought.
I am so happy to see this happening. A survey will detail all the trees in an area and make it easier to see when trees have been cut and will give a more accurate picture of deforestation.
I know from experience that many trees get cut down and sold without proper Government papers, which are, rightly, difficult to get.
I hope this survey will be highly publicised and involve locals in the collection of data and encourage communities to protect their beautiful environment. via @guardian





2 thoughts on “Deforestation..Brazil Government Survey.

  1. I definitely agree that this is good news. This should be done all over the world, as deforestation is a great problem not just to the animals that use the individuals trees and forests as their home, but us as well. Yeah we can use the trees as paper, firewood, etc, etc…but we get a better use out of them if left standing…to provide the air we breathe and the absorption of carbon dioxide..and obviously having a better idea of forest composition is important. Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t heard about this survey.

    • The survey has been in the news in recent days. It fills me with hope.
      My blog is I write about my experiences in the forest and the wildlife.
      Thanks for your comment.

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