Missing my Rainforest home.

I miss my forest home so much. I haven’t been back for several years due to ill health, but it’s with me every moment of every day.
If you ever see a lady, walking through the aisles of a supermarket, suddenly stop at the fruit section, shut her eyes, breath in deeply and then smile, a dreamy smile of delight. That will be me.
The smell of mangoes, pineapples or melons would have sent my senses into a frenzy of activity and transported me back to my forest home: I will be sitting on a boulder, fish nibbling my toes, parrots squawking overhead, insects chirping. Or, I will be laying up to my neck in clear water in a cool stream, guarded by a sentry Collared Kingfisher, the only noise coming from Swifts hurtling through the startling blue sky above at breakneck speed. Or, I will be sitting on the wooden harbour boards, feeling the tickle of an aqua-blue Swallow-Tailed butterfly sucking moisture from my skin with its black cotton-thin tongue, while listening to the mournful cry of a Yellow-Ridged Toucan calling from a high tree deep in the forest.
If the lady you see opens her eyes and you see tears, that’s me.





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