Saffron Finches – Scientific name: Sicalis flaveola

Saffron Finch.Scientific name: Sicalis flaveola

I spent many months in the Amazon Rainforest over a number of years. On occasion I spent weeks in my lodge completely alone. I befriended a couple of pairs of Saffron Finches, who kept me company like friendly neighbours.
The finches would visit every day, several times a day and call to me. If I was in a room out of sight the male would perch on a branch on the tree closest to the lodge and call until I came out. Then he would tweet, turning his head this way and that as I spoke to him. The male was yellow with a jaunty orange cap, his mate was a dull greenish brown.
One afternoon I heard the male calling and calling to me. When I came out, I was surprised to see the female beside him, as she usually preferred to peck on the ground while he tweeted with me. She had nesting material in her beak. I swear they brought it to show me.

I wrote a poem in their honour.



2 thoughts on “Saffron Finches – Scientific name: Sicalis flaveola

  1. Oh, this is beautiful! We have Saffron Finches in our yard in Kingston, Jamaica! (I feed the wild birds and they love the seeds). They are so sweet and like a little drop of gold!

  2. In Jamaica, by the way, they are called “Canaries.” Many of the common birds here have as their popular name those of English birds… Colonial influence.

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