Blue-headed Green Pionus. (Pionus menstruus) Parrots of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.

Roosting..coming home to sleep…Blue-headed Green Parrots (Pionus menstruus)

As night approached birds came home to roost. They used the same trees every night to settle and sleep.
The Blue-headed Green Parrots flew out to their feeding grounds in the mornings and returned to a large tall tree behind the lodge in the late afternoon or early evening.
There is nothing elegant about these charming little parrots. They fly untidily, flapping their small wings busily and chatting loudly the whole time in flight.They are most often seen in pairs, even within a flock. A lone parrot or an outsider loosely attached to a pair is a sad sight.
As they fly over the canopy they seem to call out ‘ Keep out, keep out.’
When they returned to their roosting tree in the evening the noise was horrendous. A flock of parrots is called a pandemonium and these little parrots certainly lived up to their collective name.
As each pair of newcomers enters the tree the noise is raised, in greeting perhaps, or in annoyance, as the settled pairs have to readjust their positions. The sound of their squawking continues to increase, until all have returned from their days exertions, feeding on seeds and fruit. Only then do they start to quieten. Occasionally, during the quietening period, a loud squawk of irritation will be emitted from the odd individual. When everyone is present and settled down, complete silence descends. They remain that way until morning.



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