Astrocaryum vulgare (common names Tucum or Tucumã-do-Pará in Brazil)

A tree that means a lot to me is the Astrocaryum vulgare. It is a palm tree, the seeds of which produce a black wood. Indigenous people, unable to afford gold, used the black wood for marriage rings.
Christian missionaries wore them as a sign of solidarity with the poor. A symbol of a desire for equality, social justice and human rights.
I was given by friends both a solid black wood ring and an Amazon gold and black wood ring. The man who gave me the gold and black wood ring said the gold symbolised the richness of the country I came from and the black wood the forest he came from, forever entwined. I wear them everyday to remind me of the forest to which I am eternally bound.



3 thoughts on “Astrocaryum vulgare (common names Tucum or Tucumã-do-Pará in Brazil)

  1. Hi earth2mother. Thanks for such a beautiful and insightful post. I’m actually very interested in securing a pair of these kinds of rings as I want to propose to my girlfriend of two years with them. I’ve never seen them in person and I am not able to travel to the Amazon. I was wondering if there was any way you could help me track some of these down.

    • Hi Jorge,

      I will send an E Mail to a friend in Manaus, Amazonas and see if he can get the prices and the name of some suppliers for you.
      I’ll be in touch as soon as I get a reply.

      • Thank you so much! Do you have a direct email where we can be in touch? I’m actually looking for two of the black tucuma wood ones. Size 7.5 and 11.

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