Little Grey Heron..Brazilian Amazon Rainforest Bird.


Every day I would sit on my little harbour deck and watch the birds. To my right, a Little Grey Heron fished, unconcerned by my presence. We grew accustomed to each other.
One morning Monduco, my oft companion in the forest brought me a skull. It belonged to the heron. I felt very sad to have lost my river companion and wrote a poem in his honour.




2 thoughts on “Little Grey Heron..Brazilian Amazon Rainforest Bird.

  1. My class of children in Somerset, UK loved reading and discussing “The Heron”. They would like to know who wrote the poem. Thank you.

    • I am so happy that you chose to read my Heron poem to your class.
      I first visited the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest twelve years ago. I fell in love with it and returned many times obtaining a small area of rainforest, a days boat ride from the town of Manacapuru, which is three hours drive from the city of Manaus.
      I built a small wooden lodge in the forest and intended to protect it as a nature reserve…I’m still working on that.
      I occasionally lived alone in the forest for weeks. I grew attached to the birds that visited the area…the Saffron Finches who called to me every morning and evening, the Heron who fished beside me as I did the washing up in the river, the Yellow-Rumped Caciques who copied the sound of my wind-up torch in the evenings, and even the Vultures who came to clear up any mess left behind when preparing fish or meat on the harbour.
      The rainforest is a wonder..the variety of birds, animals and insects is astonishing. I am so glad you are teaching your children about it and any help I can give you just ask.

      My Amazon blog is
      You are welcome to read relevant excerpts to your class.
      Also Ananias and the Dolphin, a story I wrote after being handed a young Bottle-nosed Dolphin by local fishermen.

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