Life in the Amazon Rainforest

Over a period of years I have regularly visited the Amazon Rainforest, building a home in the forest for my visits. I have spent many weeks there entirely alone.
I have grown to love the forest, the wildlife, the rivers and the people. It’s an incredible place, with an astonishing amount of beautiful and fascinating wildlife. I will share this with you, as well as some of the experiences I have had, both in the forest and in the city of Manaus.
I wish more people would visit and come back with a burning desire to help protect this amazing place. It gets into your soul. It’s forever in my thoughts and dreams. It’s a treasure.

7 thoughts on “Life in the Amazon Rainforest

  1. Lots of thanks for visiting my site… And like you, I am a nature lover and hope that someday, mankind will know how to take good care of what nature has given us. Cheers!

  2. Hi,

    I got really impressed by your website and blog posts. I would very appreciate if you could be a part of our project. Would you mind if we use your content on our website? We would select some of your articles, each article would be linked to original and we will quote your name if you are OK with it. Our project is its still under construction.

    I am looking forward to your response.


    • Thank you. I am happy for you to use my blog posts and web site to inform people of the Amazon rainforest and its wildlife.
      I will need to ensure that is the reason you are using them, so if you could inform me each time you use some of my content and give me final say, go ahead.

      • Hi, yes that would be the only reason – to inform people. I was thinking to make a blog on our website where we would quote interesting articles (with approvals of their authors, linking to the original source). We are currently trying to raise money to save the part of the Amazon rainforest in Napo province and we want to help people to get closer to this place. I will defo let you know each time I am gonna use it.

        You can also contact me directly on my email anickafil(at)

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